1. No. Just, no. OK? Now fuck off, bitch.

  2. Posing next to a human woman really highlights what a cow Coco is.

  3. Michael

    They’d be right up Jimmy Norton’s alley. Tranny-looking twats.

    Ice-T, what have you gotten into?

  4. Cock Dr

    Coco entertains.
    Yes, her body bulges are epic & fake but her marriage appears to be genuine. If I feel the urge to look at a giant assed cheesecake model she’s my choice.

  5. Is it called cruisin’ and not motorboating when the ass is that big?

  6. satan'srighthand74

    Queue up the mandatory Don Zaloog comment in 3..2..

  7. Voice of Reisling

    Is she actually holding her ass up?

    • Kristy Marie’s husband is a lucky guy. Mostly because he never hears the question “do you think my sister is prettier than me?”.

      Hell, he probably has to hear “do you think my sister is a disgusting narcissistic textbook case of body dysmorphic disorder” and then has to look a bunch of words up.

    • Reisling, I love your question. I was wondering the same thing but couldn’t put such a simple question into words!
      Love it!
      (And yes. Looks as though she is, in fact, holding her ass up.) ha.

    • cc

      Of course! They couldn’t get the top of her head AND the bottom of her ass into the frame so she had to hold it up. For her, it’s probably as common as being told to brush the hair out of her face.

  8. spartacus

    Of course she is, how else could she make that thing look perky?

  9. She looks like a plastic sex doll. A very bad, plastic sex doll…..

  10. Whats really hilarious is that she expects us to believe it’s real, even going on TV to have another woman poke it and go “oooooh, it so soft!!” LOL. Gel implants, baby. The gig’s up.

  11. Jugster

    Am I the only one who would in a heartbeat? She’s completely fake but at least she doesn’t hide the fact.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …you must be new here.
      …no, you’re not the only one …there’s actually a short line, starting behind me …oh, and zaloog, of course. (no matter what all the haters say)

  12. What a 1-Trick Pony she is; ass shot…ass shot from another angle…ass shot next to someone more appealing…ass shot on the beach. It just goes to show, you can have no talent at all and still be famous.

  13. Tojo Nixon

    Coco makes me harder than pure Neutronium. I know it’s wrong and that I’m a bad person, but those tits and that ass…one look and Mt. Wing-Wong Wang spontaneously erupts. There goes another pair of pants.

  14. Judging from the comments, there’s another woman in the photo. I only see Coco and her delicious body. Dat ass is calling to me. Time to fap.

  15. Marketing Mike

    I want to see the missing photo,
    the one with their 3rd sister Kream.

  16. I really like Coco’s sissie. I wonder, is Iced-T allowed to get any of that…???

  17. She needs a bra for her ass too.

  18. whatever

    she has regular fat injections to her ass, they suck it out of her waist and thighs and inject into her ass, great way to ”NEVER HAD PLASTIC SURGERY ON MY ASS”

  19. Gordon

    I plan to put my penis in many of the sisters’ holes.

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