1. Frank Burns

    Finally!! They’ve made me an anatomically correct and functional Vanessa Hudgens cyborg I download programs into from my USB key! You know, like programs to make her sing, run errands, and recite 19th century English poetry.

  2. Sexy little minx.

  3. So fucking hot.

  4. “Do you know what this is?”
    “A morning after pill?”

  5. She’s hoping Nutty Nic doesn’t show up to the red carpet til after she’s inside I bet.

  6. cc

    Dresses like that provide such great access you can almost pretend it’s an accident.

    ‘Pardon? My hand was on your tit? Terribly sorry I was reaching past you for the water jug.’

  7. I can overlook the Bugs Bunny overbite…

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