1. What the hell do I care what Amber heard? I have no secrets from her…

  2. How dare you call amber heard crap. She’s perfection.

  3. Nonny Moose

    I’d hit that so hard the entire Pacific rim would be under tsunami warnings.

  4. Contusion

    all for naught.

  5. Sheppy

    Just a ‘lil cock-tease.

  6. lily

    Love my lesbo

  7. guest

    coat hanger shoulders… No thanks. She can stay on the other team.

  8. cc

    For a minute I thought it was Sharipova. Then I thought of Amber and her having lesbian sex. Then my vas deferens blew up.

  9. Bigalkie


  10. RJ

    For all the fat chick lovers drooling over the Aubrey O’Day pics recently, this is how a chick should look.

  11. suckmyladydick

    I KNEW she wore padded push up bras. Still hot as hell though. I submit that she is FAR prettier than Kelly Brook. If Kelly had small boobs no one would look at her twice.

  12. She is so pretty and she always looks classy. She seems very intelligent and sweet, too. :-)

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