1. where’s that boob going?

  2. Asoto

    Michael is a lucky man. He gets pussy and a tit job at the same time.

  3. “Shit. What if he outlives me?”

    • Anna

      haha ))
      yeah, the poor woman had to go to the mental hospital when she realized that her husband survived 4th stage cancer))

  4. Yum…still quite doable. In a “crazy girls are fun in bed” kinda way….

  5. Jenny with a Y

    It looks like someone needs her dosage adjusted.

  6. Apparently her breasts are also bi-polar.

  7. GuidotheRed

    Good to see her gazungas still hold wowza status.

  8. Brennan Haley

    She and Britney have got to stop wearing magnetic belt buckles and piercings.

  9. De Bo 69

    Bi polar ? Or just pushed over the edge by old balls she thought would have been romancing that big stone in the sky long ago.. She just wants some young firm balls to bang the crazy out of her… Like Demi.

  10. She got some monstro feet.

  11. stamos


  12. kimmykimkim

    What? She’s not going to stop and sniff that fire hydrant? She is really bizarre.

  13. There are certain kinds of sag that are just… good.

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