1. Dick Nose

    Goldie’s balls are hanging pretty low

  2. ultra

    Less “Laugh-In” than “Laugh At.” Time is cruel.

  3. IdDoThat

    “THIS is the shit your Grandma only TOLD you about. She was right…”

  4. Vlad

    No amount of therapy will help me after seeing that.

  5. Cap'n Obvious

    Getting old sucks. :(

    Kurt is still cool though. Rock on fat man.

  6. DiegoAD

    So which one’s bigger? His gut or her cunt?

  7. JimBB

    “I’m retired.”

    “But those people will drown if you don’t save them, Captain Ron!!”

    [sigh] “….yeah….okay….let me get my Birkenstocks off.”

  8. Miley Cyrus is influencing everyone now.

  9. “Kurt, honey, have you seen my uterus? I’m sure that I put it in this blue bag before we left the house.”

  10. BlackManUSAonTwitters

    Obviously, Kate DIDN’T get it from her momma…

  11. tlmck

    The old man told them “You kids get off my beach!”.

  12. Jesus, they both look like Fido’s ass.

  13. RocketInMyPocket

    Goldie should put a shirt on. Wait, WHUT?

  14. Kurt, The “Thing” can take many forms!

  15. cc

    Even The Thing didn’t have the stomach to morph into either of them.

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