1. this guy is a huge fuckstick.

  2. Tucking the pant legs into his socks, I see he’s practicing good health and safety measures against ticks.

  3. renotastic

    Liar Tuck.

  4. No matter what he does, he always manages to dress up as Guy I Want to Punch in the Fucking Mouth.

  5. anonymous

    Shia is still rockin’ those Nike SFB’s. They just won’t die.

  6. maria

    He’s invented a new sport called “power douche walking”

  7. Scrolled down to the bottom of the photo to see if he was still a fucktard and yes, he is.

  8. Guest



  10. Swearin

    He looks like Super Mario if he were unemployed

  11. Looks like he got his velour pants back. Or maybe another pair. (I’ll bet his mom had to wash them 8 times to get the skid-marks out.)

  12. Bishop

    Dude, your Spider-Man cosplay sucks!

  13. Jackmac

    Where do you even buy clothes like that? Is there a Douche catalog?

  14. You know how some women get with ‘bad boys’ because they want to help ‘fix’ them to bring out their good side? A small part of me wants to date this fucker just to try to educate him on his douchiness, and turn him into a respectable person and actor instead of a raging fuckstick.

    A small, embarrassed, hopeful, but mostly ashamed part of me.

  15. It’s a me, Mario!

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