1. Johnny P!

    Like one of those Old West-style gimmicky photos you can have done posing as a “Saloon Girl” or “Prostitute” at tourist traps, usually printed in sepia.
    Only this is 2012, and she dressed like that for real.

    • Well, of course she’s dressed like a prostitute for real. Why else would she be in Cannes?

      (Seriously…why the fuck is she in Cannes?)

      • Johnny P!

        Y’know, TomFrank, I’ve often asked myself that about many “Celebs” (heavy on the quotation marks).
        I haven’t had the pleasure of attending Cannes during the Festival, but I’m gonna guess about 30% of the people there (excluding fans, journalists, photographers, etc) are actually involved in a film being represented there.
        The rest? Media/Fame whores.

  2. This is a fucking disaster. It’s like a tornado dressed her.

  3. And where did she find a band aid that big? I can only imagine the size of the weeping pustule under that.

  4. kimmykimkim


    • I know, right? She looks like a well-preserved cadaver from the late 1800′s. Okay, “well-preserved” might be a bit of a stretch.

  5. Andre Soto

    Who the hell died?

  6. Grand Poobah

    Amazing what one can do with a trash bag

  7. metoo

    “Trick or Treat!”

    • jerseygirl71

      ummm, please say the trick is gouging my eyes out. why do people take pictures of this busted fucktard?

  8. whatever

    charo looks busted

  9. Not pleasant watching a body rot in public.

  10. CranAppleSnapple

    I think mixing fur, pleather and terrycloth should break a commandment.

  11. Ahhhh. Nothing like wearing a short skirt after having a boil lanced. Or wearing the angel of death on her head.

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