1. coljack

    Dis how camel toe.

  2. Dis how chicken escape the political instability of Poland and land green card.

  3. She looks just a *tad* thicker than usual, and I like it

  4. littletongue

    If your pussy smells like dead fish, I don’t give a crap how good you look: never will. Ever.

  5. Hmmmm…. love me some chicken.

  6. In every picture like this, there’s always a bedpost in the back, saying “Dis how chicken look.”

  7. “You men eat your dinner, eat your pork and beans.
    I’ll eat more chicken than even Paula Deen, yeah, yeah…
    Cause I’m a Bok Drawer Man!”

  8. Dox

    Dammit Fish, you keep posting this half naked woman crap. Where is the political commentary? The satire? You keep this up and you will lose your core audience.

  9. Which came first? Dis chicken or the camel toe?

  10. cc

    What the hell are these ‘this how chicken look’ comments all about? What did I miss?

    • Yeah, I’m not sure what started that either. Something she said on the show? I’mma just roll with it.

    • She just looked very chicken-y (and none too bright) in a photo posted a while back, and it led to the original ‘Dis how chicken look’ comment being made. It was funny enough that it caught on as a running joke with her. Nothing more, nothing less.

  11. the dude

    you need to come here more often

  12. Losing her shape quickly

  13. Baby, you so hot, they named you after a coffeemaker. Making love to you is gonna me like that time I jacked off into the Mr. Coffee at work.

    Wait, was that a good pick up line?

  14. GG

    Oh dear. At first glance I thought it was Paris, but the boobs were too big. Then I thought it was Courtney Stodden, but the boobs were too small. Poor, poor Joanna!

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