1. Nice wig, shithead!

  2. EricLr

    This is a challenging change of pace for him. He’s playing a *19th Century* douchebag.

  3. He just found out they don’t have sushi in that era.

  4. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Unless he gets in a cage with Mr Harrod I don’t think I’ll be paying to see this one

  5. I admire a man who strives to prove he can be douchy in any era.. Bravo, sir. Bravo…

  6. KimmyGabbler

    Looks like someone just gave a bushy lady some very boring cunnilingus…

  7. Col. Bat Guano

    Didn’t know they made suits in size ‘Douche’. Will wonders never cease.

  8. Champ

    Shit – totally thought it was Jude Law dressing casual again.

    • kimmykimkim

      Damn! That was funny but I thumbed it down! Stupid smart phones and thumbs and zooming and shit…so, yeah, thumbs up, dude.

  9. Jack

    “I traveled back in time to ask Sherlock Holmes to help me cure the case of my male pattern baldness!”

  10. Anything to get Vince back…

  11. CBN

    charlie day looks like shit, wow

  12. Look, it’s Douche Baggington the First.

  13. Codot

    Mr. Selfabuse

  14. sexyman48

    To prove Jeremy is no longer in John Cusack”s shadow he’ll be playing George Allan Poe.

  15. “By Jove! I believe I’ve spotted a gentleman proffering unsavory raw fish to the general public. Avert your tastebuds, gentle folk! The fish you are about to consume will forever damage your ability to fully commit to medium-to-low quality stage productions. Spit it out now, I say!”

  16. “Which one of your fargin’ corksuckers tainted my sushi?”

  17. El Jefe

    Nice, he brought out his fancy hairpiece for this movie.

  18. Rehearsing for the part of “Mr. Monopoly Guy — The Early Years.”

  19. squishy

    UGH Still creepy!

  20. If you look just behind Mr. Piven, you will notice his assistant trying remove the dick from his dick for brains.

  21. dude, Ahmadinejad is dressing way better lately.

  22. Bigalkie

    Matthew Broderick takes a stroll in the park.. Time away drom SJP is good.

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