1. obviously an A list only affair

  2. “Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein?” I have some serious doubt that’s his birth given name.

  3. At least Doyle still has his dignity.

  4. I guess we can cross the walking dead off the list of things Andy hasn’t tried to fuck.

  5. It’s not often that Andy Dick is the most normal looking person in a group photo.

  6. Colin Clive

    Even the Goths are like “GTFO motherfucker!!!”

  7. Wait… which way is the Golden Rods Award Show?

  8. “The dick farm is that way”

  9. “Leave!…This is a family event and you’re scaring the undead children!”

  10. “VAIT! You may not touch my peniz like zat until you pay zee man over dere.”

  11. tito

    andy dick is in the misfits now?

  12. Andy Dick: Frz mndl prk fltn grtna.

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