1. Sorry — if there isn’t a gigantic pair of cans in my face, it’s not really Katy Perry.

  2. What is she side stepping to her car?

  3. That’s right baby. Keep it tight. Keep it sexy.

  4. joe

    Granny panties or Spanx?

  5. Women with huge tits often have some minor issues with body fat, especially the under-the-skin kind. God rarely gives with both hands… but when he does…

  6. Inner Retard

    I’d love to bend her over that Mini get out my mini and show her the best 3 minutes of her life. Then I’d apologize that it was only 2 minutes and that whole mini part…

  7. anonymous

    You got to have some serious cottage cheese thighs if spandex can’t cover them up.

    Even fat people can throw one a compression shirt or a rash guard and not be lumpy.

  8. Why is she walking funny?

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