1. Chuck Liddell hasn’t seen a herp that size in all his years…

  2. “Nith purth!”

  3. “What the…..?? It’s yesterday already?”



  5. “Damn! What’s that smell? Did some open a tin of Surstr√∂mming?”

  6. “Skank!”
    “Thank you!”

  7. Sara

    “Ma’am, you seemed to have dropped this dime sized herpes scab….ma’am?”

  8. Ryan Reynold’s Sinestro just can’t get over dat ass.

  9. “I’m no fashion expert, lady, but I don’t think the slit in your dress is supposed to go up to your shoulders.”

  10. This just proves that guys will stare at any has-been, disease riddled ass they come across.

  11. She doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as she used to. Maybe I’m getting soft. Then again, I haven’t heard her speak in a long time.

  12. Why, oh why, are that man’s flip flops smaller than his feet? Child sized. Just wrong.

  13. any second now the fumes will get him.

  14. Lucifer's Son

    Only if a piano or and ACME anvil accidentally fell on top of this talentless “Premature Chicken in an incubator” looking dirtbag.

    That would be fun.

  15. If his pants were hanging off his ass I would think it is the latest in thug fashion….

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