1. Pretty sure two Jewish Orthodox kids have their heads uncovered as a result of this…

  2. JimBB


  3. Wow, I wish it could happen to me.

  4. MarketingMike

    I think her implants have a slight “nipple misdirection” issue.

  5. ultra

    this chick has such an annoying voice, but… bewbs.

  6. Oh good. Her mouth is closed.

  7. I think her shoulderpads migrated further south for the winter… still would do.

  8. Looks like I can juice on orange on those. useful.

  9. Father time has been kind to her so far.

  10. I don’t care, I would fuck the hell out of her and her bolt ons.

  11. Her voice is annoying as fuck, but I’d wreck this chick. All day, every day.

  12. Chaz

    Boobs that start with the letter “Q” for 200, Alex.

  13. dingus

    Who remembers when she was on Letterman in the 90s and talked about her new car? The way she said Isuzu Trooper was ridiculously sexy.

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