1. Like I’ve said before, she’s a beautiful woman under all of the clown makeup she likes to wear.

  2. tokiromi

    i like nicki….but something about her hair here makes me think photoshop. looks weird collar bone down.

  3. What? You mean all that crazy just washes off?

  4. wow

    She urgently needs all of her make-up and a wig to cover her ugly dog face.

    • Not So Sure I agree dare, Fish

      I think you are wasting your time here. The “Towerload” website might be more your speed.

  5. So there IS a reason for all that makeup and wig nonsense.

  6. When did Dobby get the boob job?

    And yes, Harry Potter jokes are still relevant.


  8. Joe Simpson's strap on

    Clive Davis allegedly had Whitney sacrificed to make way for…this?

  9. She is awful, how was she not a no hit wonder?

  10. Joebie

    isn’t anyone looking at hear MELTED EAR?!

  11. She looks a lot better w/out all the crazy make up & hair. I like her tits (don’t care that they’re fake)

  12. She’s actually pretty pretty when she’s not all done up in plastic clown mode.

    It’s the Snooki syndrome.

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world’s first shower with hot and cold running bleach.

  14. Pocahontas say…You got Beez in Da Trap.

  15. Looks better here than in 99% of the clownish get-ups she’s always in…but WTF is wrong with her ear???

  16. tlmck

    Yep. That’s crap.

  17. Photo Boy needs to be called on the carpet. There’s not even close to enough tit shown here. In fact, now I have a good reason to delete The Suoerficial from my…hahahaha…who am I tryin’ to kid. See ya tomorrow.

  18. seat filler

    I love National Geographic

  19. That dude looks like an ethnic version of Pink.

  20. Who the heck is he??

  21. Damn it, not another Dawn commercial helping animals from the gulf oil spill.

  22. anonym

    she’s a rich ugly bitch

  23. hideous as always

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