1. “I still call the little guy, Maximus…”

  2. “Now call me Neo.”

  3. Trinity’s been slumming it since Neo died.

  4. fred

    “I know one other place his tickles, Jenny.”

  5. “I am the Goblin king!”

  6. Paul Bettany is just a figment of your imagination dear. Why don’t you come over and ride my Beautiful Cock?

  7. Jenny Giggles

    “I consider myself a musician first.”

  8. “… you even have that new car smell…”

  9. Brit

    “…I loved your topless scene in The Hot Spot…”

  10. Does she age? She’s a vampire. Guess I’ll have to impale her.

  11. PassingTrue

    Looks tasty too.

  12. martina

    she’s still beautiful

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