1. Nice rug. K-Mart?

  2. Wonderful, now Albert Brooks is on this rejuvenation thing…

  3. Deacon Jones

    Is this a joke?

  4. Maybe a little more sun, would make him look less ghoulish? Good pube transfer on the top, though.

  5. cc

    I always feel sorry for those things when you see these things laying in the slush on a wintry day.

  6. So when will we see his Bosley ad on TV?

  7. mnsuperbee

    It’s the summah of George!! He was there to commence the airing of grievances.

  8. “I think I’m pretty much like you — only successful.”

  9. If T.J. Hooker-era Shatner and Gomez Addams had a baby.

  10. Must of borrowed Travolta’s rug for the night.

  11. DeucePickle

    He..WAS bald

  12. 18 years…it took eighteen years, but he finally listened to Kramer

  13. “Correction. I WAS bald!”

  14. TooCoo

    Didn’t Elaine throw that thing out the window?

  15. The Pope

    You can’t just sweep fat, ugly and unfunny under a rug.

  16. spent a good check of that syndication money right there on his head

  17. Grafikman

    Hair by J. T. Kirks of Riverside, IA.

  18. What does Brett Ratner have that he doesn’t?

  19. Why? He was rocking that bald look.

  20. Tasty Coolant

    I could spot that bird’s nest two blocks away.

  21. Joe

    He’s at the Alzheimer’s Association. No one will remember him being bald for 9 seasons on Seinfeld.

  22. Looks like he got Coco’s doctor to do his hair…subtle.

  23. larry

    He looks like Albert Brooke’s little brother!

  24. Hmmm… he must have spent all the money on the rug and didn’t have anything left over for self-tanner.

  25. Good god almighty, he looks like he’s been spending too much time with John Travolta. Pale as an Albino plus wearing a ten dollar rug. Has he gone over to the Dark Side yet?

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