1. This month on the BBC: The cataloging of the douches maximus species…

  2. “When do we tell him, we have no intention of making a wax figure of him.”

  3. cc

    ‘Well, cranial capacity doesn’t seem to the problem. Any other theories on how to explain douchery?’

  4. Dating Taylor Swift is so traumatic that you have to get yourself encased in wax?

  5. MFer

    Isn’t it a bit early in this kids career to be making a statue of him?

  6. It would be more interesting if it were some sort of Masonic symbolic sacrifice or something.

  7. B&WMinstrel

    It’s all one big doss in Madame Tussaud’s since they heard about 3D printers

  8. Fozzy Bear

    They’re making the wax figure so that 5 years from now people can say, “Who the hell is Harry Styles?”

  9. Nina

    He kinda looks like squidward from spongebob

  10. Skippy86

    Wouldnt it be easier to just have him press his face into Kim K’s ass and take mold form that?

  11. bonerofcuntention

    It looks like he’s getting measured for a Michael Jackson nose.

  12. Thank god they’re making a wax figure of him, otherwise I wouldn’t have any idea who he is.

    So, who is he?

  13. When are they going to make the Kevin Federline statue?

  14. Dave B does not share calipers.

  15. It looks just like him.

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