1. This is how Hamm lowers an erection….

  2. That rope is attached to a pulley system to get Ice T’s dick up. It’s the only way thats going to happen.

  3. I see she just had to one up that Kelly Brook. Success.

  4. contusion

    This must be a high impact workout…I see her air bags went off.

  5. Fozzy Bear

    the only thing real in this picture is the desperate famewhoring.

  6. OK, just what is this fat cow’s claim to fame? Has she any talent whatsoever?

    • Skippy86

      If you call getting a has been rapper to buy shit for you, then yes she has a talent.

      • You call him a has-been rapper like somehow he is not a super successful actor on a hit primetime show where according to IMDB he has been on a goddamn incredible 291 episodes and counting.

        I guess next you are going to call LL Cool J a has-been rapper too.

      • Skippy86

        “Super successful” ahahahahaha, of course hes done 291 episodes got nothing else to do, he aint rapping no more.

      • Moocow

        Spoken like a true punk. It’s a known fact no one wants to make it in the game, they want to make it out of the game. He successfully moved away from the bullshit and has established himself as an actor, and is still doing his damn thing.

      • ‘establishing himself as an actor’ would be taking on a roll where he doesn’t sound like an ex-rapper. sorry brah. he just got lucky and is riding the gravy train. his finest moments were in the movie “Tank Girl”, everything after that is downhill.

  7. Those things just look delicious. Like luscious fruit hanging on a tree, begging me to pick it.

  8. Hmmm

    I’d fuck it in every hole and all positions.

  9. tlmck

    Isaac Newton just rolled over in his grave.

  10. Making London tilt a little bit.

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