1. Burritos for lunch again, eh Evans?

  2. Dox

    Woman: This…. *sniff* Really does smell like chloroform.

    Evans: I know, right?

    (and another Hollywood romance is born.)

  3. “…so I just keep telling this guy that I’m not really into the Captain America role and he’s fucking stunned. He’s all like ‘But I’d do it for free if they asked me.’ And I just look back at him and say ‘Sure you would, but who the fuck would ask you Uncle Phil.’ I swear to God he was trying not to cry as he walked away.”

  4. So do you smell me?

  5. “Oh my God! Even your semen is red white and blue!”

  6. Little Tongue

    Holy fuck! Amy Winehouse has ressucitated! With a nose job!

  7. “You are the worst Captain America ever”

    “I know, right?”

  8. He’s not even a real captain.

  9. Ha, Ha, HAAAAAAA! Did you see what Helena Bonham Carter was wearing?!?

  10. So Juliette Lewis doesn’t get a mention?

  11. So, is she cramming some guys foot in her mouth as an alternative to conversation with Evans?

  12. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “You want me to keep this scarf over my face while we have sex so I look like Bucky? Who the fuck is Bucky?”

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