1. Mr T is’s father!?

  2. I’m sure T Jr. can also punch your face off.

  3. Magic Johnson, Part Deux

  4. Hey Now

    Master t?

  5. Can’t say a bad word about Mr. T. Love him.

  6. JimBB

    I bet “Eye of the Tiger” plays when he walks down the street.

  7. PassingTrue

    Lower case “T”

  8. Mr. T passed Magic Johnson on the street. They gave each other a slow, knowing nod.

  9. Wow! Is that his son or his clone? Kid looks EXACTLY like his daddy.

  10. Mister T and Master Bates

  11. Clearly his son dresses like this to get people to say shit to him so he can beat their ass.

  12. Inner Retard

    Son, I’m at the dusk of my day and you are old and strong enough to carry many gold chains around your neck. So, I must tell you about a responsibility of the highest order. A family legacy not to be taken lightly. SON, in this towel you will find a list, a list of the fools I pity.

  13. Mr. T and Mr. Bean.

  14. “Did you pity the fools today son?”
    “Nah. I just kicked their asses!”

  15. Polk

    “My name’s T. looking for my boy E”

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