1. FattyFatty2X4

    This one here should be the villian in the next Star Wars

  2. Either Starbucks just gave her a Venti of fresh lemon juice, or this is Janice Dickinson.

  3. Johnny P!

    It’s not really fair to catch an aging celebu-thing without her make-up on.
    In all fairness, when she’s had her full make-up and hair done professionally, she looks like she’s only had 27 surgeries done.

  4. im surprised her ears arent at the back of her head.

  5. Dick Hell

    Evidently she told the plastic surgeon she wanted to look like Keanu Reeves on a rocket sled.

  6. St. Vincent Millay

    If this is what sobriety looks like, I’m gonna stay high forever.

  7. The name on the cup is to keep Steven Tyler away.

  8. Sooooooo…I can do this to people’s faces and make 3 million a year?


  9. Smapdi

    Anybody else try to drop a dollar in that cup so she can get a hot meal down at the Salvation Army?

  10. Frank Burns

    Usually don’t see Pete Puma outside of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

  11. “Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club. Turtle, turtle, turtle!”

  12. The fact that this troll was once hot enough to be probed by the legendary Neeson sword is disturbing, to say the least.

  13. Cock Dr

    Is that a booger?
    I try to concentrate on the small things to avoid the horrible bigger picture.

  14. “Hurry! Hurry! We need to take a few pounds out of that forehead right away, or it’s going to totally collapse upon itself!”

  15. journalschism

    That cup is what her family uses to recognize her.

  16. Oh, the regrets she must have when looking in the mirror.

  17. jesus chri…. what happened to Eddie Haskell?

  18. Zebra

    Does her neck have stripes?

  19. TIme to send this horse to the glue factory.

  20. Contusion

    I think they just went ahead and sewed her eyes shut.

  21. Cheese and rice! Her skin looks to have the texture and consistency of rice paper. Bleck!

  22. If the doctors made her occular vagioplasties this tight, I can’t image the work to the meat curtains below.

  23. Bam


  24. Fuzzy Dustmtie

    Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees look at these!

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