1. I loved “The Abyss”

  2. BP

    Now starring in the Ron Howard Story…….

  3. BP

    I loved him in “Cocoon”

  4. Alison

    The creepy preacher from Poltergeist looks better than ever!

  5. Skippy86

    He’s awesome, see Creep Show and Knight Riders…

  6. B&WMinstrel

    Death got a job in an English Department ??!!

  7. maoix

    Grand Moff Tarkin is looking better than ever!

  8. gotcha

    Woody is aging horribly.

  9. Damn! I used to think he was so sexy! That was only like 6 years ago. What the hell happened here?????

  10. It looks like he’ll BE a phantom before the end of this year.

  11. Satan My Master

    Would any of you give his bald head a big lick?

  12. Mr. Big


  13. Crazy old badass, brings any movie to a nother level by just showing up.

  14. Larry f’n David!

  15. Ed Hairless at the premiere of ‘Phantom’ in Hollywood.

  16. “I was up for the Phantom or perhaps the Mummy in the next film in that series. Unfortunately the role of the Mummy was already taken by some dead guy…”

  17. I think you misspelled “Phantasm”…

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