“Oh Yeah, check out this jacket!”

  2. If he drops his pants, you can see her tits.

  3. JC

    I’ve never had a jacket capable of choking on its own vomit. The future is here.

  4. Cock Dr

    No that’s not creepy at all.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Holy shit… for a second, I thought that woman was wearing a bag on her foot. Better a foot purse than a deceased person vest.

  6. That’s fucking disgusting! Who in their right mind would put a picture of their tragically-deceased daughter on a piece of clothing? And “Mama” having a laugh-fest over it?

    “In their right…”Oh, wait! I think I answered my own question, not to mention figuring the reason Amy was so fucked up in the first place…

  7. He finally figured out how to get Blake to screw him.

  8. So her dying wish was to sponsor a bowling team?

  9. Well, she was a mess and everyone saw her death coming a mile away, so no need to mope about it.

  10. CK

    Someone found one of her hidden stashes.

  11. “Ah, ha, ha, ha, HA! That’s our dead daughter! HAHAHAHAHA!!”

  12. And she’s BACK……

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