1. Terd Fergueson

    Guaranteed Hobie has allowed random dong to penetrate his mouth in exchange for crack.

  2. Damn. His face is chiseled.

  3. What’s wrong with his face?

  4. coljack

    I didn’t know you could get jaw implants.

  5. Pickle Nose

    Jeremy sat and thought wistfully of the nights that Charvet and Chockachi would take him out the clubs and “show him the ropes”. Those were the days….

  6. broduhjenner

    now THIS should be the face of the blue ecig

  7. Dickbutt Kiss

    I had to Google this clown and, Holy Shit, folks. That’s the kid from Baywatch.

  8. Take it easy folks, he’s half neanderthal.

  9. Jose Canseco is looking good these days.

  10. Ken

    Is having a weird, angular, super-white face a requirement for being named “Jackson”?

  11. fred

    What a tool. Everyone knows that you wear your watch on your left wrist.

  12. Johnny Barbells

    …max headroom’s ancestor.

  13. Margaret

    who is that the wax figure of?

  14. So, literally anyone can get into fashion week?

  15. gigi

    holy crap — it’s like Bizarro Superman! what’s going on??

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