1. Does she have some secret recipe tattooed all over her body?

  2. skunk

    jiggle balls

  3. The Brown Streak

    Those tattoos are to help her find the right places to cut herself…except for the one that says “faith”…the artist misunderstood her when she said “I want it to say ‘meth’”.

  4. Black microphone, check.
    Big Boobs, check.
    Upskirt shot, 9/10 complete.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    My balls are jingling.

  6. Nina

    I thought this was Adele

  7. At first I thought it was Roseanne screaming the National Anthem again. Then I scrolled down and asked, “When did Roseanne get those tits?”

  8. kimmykimkim

    Nice tits, girl! Damn!

  9. Venom

    More trashy tattoos, that is always the way to go.

  10. It’s like Memento, except all her tattoos say “sing crappy songs”.

  11. Dinosaurland

    From the thumbnail, I thought this would be a picture of Melissa McCarthy.

  12. I’d cry too if giving Wilmer Valderrama a blowie was the high point of my life.

  13. luciddreamer1780

    Sonny with a chance of snatch.

  14. Scully

    She’s singing about how heartbroken she is that the Jonas brother dumped her just for not having a penis.

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