1. Max Shreck

    She dances like Elaine from “Seinfeld”.

  2. catapostrophe

    You GO, lady!

  3. Deacon Jones

    Click “thumbs up” if you used the zoom to look up that girl’s skirt on the right

  4. Cock Dr

    Nice job hiding the bong(s).

  5. “Yeah Demi, do the Gangland style!…. She so cool and hip…”

  6. whozaho

    crotch shot on the right

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    where is the giant party balloon and the whippet cracker?

  8. gooch

    That cameltoe goes up to her belly button.

  9. You know why Demi’s dancing? Somebody cued up Devo’s “Whip It.”

  10. Moo Cow Hunter

    Guy in the background knows standing up to Demi’s farts would make the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark look like a gentle facial. You can see the panic on the back of his head as he tramples for the door.

  11. Captain Kickass

    Nitrous is a helluva a drug.

  12. Uh-oh. Grandma’s off her meds again.

  13. Use the zoom feature for the weird guy in the back standing by that speaker… *stalk city*

  14. Jeremy

    “… And I call this move the Charlesburg Choo-Choo. I used to do it to Charlie Chaplin back before The Talkies were around, and he’d give me a Buffalo Nickel for it! Ho ho, that would buy me enough whipped cream cans to last a fortnight and a day, it would!”

  15. WWHHHAAAA???

    Is that Michael Lohan on the far left with the pinkie point?

  16. kinga

    omg i thought it was octomom

  17. Sadly, that is Demi trying her best to stand up straight.

  18. It’s alright for Demi to cut loose at this adult party. Her boyfriend is safe and sound in the ball pit with the other kids.

  19. Other than the flagrant upskirt, all the really interesting stuff is in the background.

  20. cc

    I am just going to say this…if a woman gives up a beaver shot like the one on the right, I am going to fucking look, and don’t give me any of this ‘offended’ shit.

  21. EricLr

    Mommmmm, you’re embarrassing me….DON’T MAKE MY CHIN ANGRY AGAIN!!!!!

  22. dude

    demi moore snaps her fingers when she dances. now i know.

  23. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    SO embarrassing when the chaperones want to show the kids what the cool dances were back in their day. Also, when they take their dentures out to blow you.

  24. anonym

    looks like a doucheparty

  25. prettyboyblue

    sorry but that’s not Stacy Keibler. her leash dosen’t stretch that far and I don’t see clooney.

  26. I think she has to stand like that. If she tries to stand up straight her shorts are going to split her in two.

  27. Jack Ketch

    Lord God, a onesie and high heels at 50 ? Ugh. Maybe the aspartame in the Red Bull is finally getting to her.

  28. Demi’s looking good. I don’t give a fuck how crazy she is, I totally still would. Of course, I’ll take Stacy as well.

    • tom

      I wonder if she still sports that fantastic bush she had back in the days. I know I would if she does.

      • That bush was remarkable. It looked like she hadn’t shaved once since she hit puberty. It was a jungle down there. I was expecting to see Tarzan swinging through there at some point.

  29. Anthony

    I hate it when chaperones dance with the kids at a party

  30. 1NDUN

    Demi was huffing Super Glue and got her fingers stuck together with it.

  31. Mumra The Ever Living

    Rhea Perlman disgusts me. Her marriage to Danny is on the Rocks and here she is doing the coochie dance with Michael Lohan.

  32. Bionic_Crouton


  33. zomgbie

    hey anyone see verne troyer?
    he was here a while ago bragging about crawling up into some of the womens panties.

  34. DeWayne Johnson

    Demi got a hold of too much RedBull and now is a ball of uncontrollable energy.
    Good Times !

  35. mando

    Great, just remember to paint the other toenail next time. teehee doh

  36. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Keibler looks completely out of place.

  37. Jackie

    Nice to see Demi is still drinking the Red Bull.

  38. Doctor_Joystick

    I’m pretty sure that’s Michael Lohan on the left. Which leads me to believe the deep crease in her shorts from a fresh kick to the vagina.

  39. Nope. Not drunk at all.

  40. A whip it addict, George Clooney’s sloppy seconds, and a black Jew walk into a bar…

  41. Sam

    I reaaaaaallly hope there’s going to be a dancing Demi meme

  42. El Jefe

    Is she auditioning to be in the next John Travolta video?

  43. Mutton dressed as lamb.

  44. HeaveHo

    Even the plant’s embarrassed

  45. Carla

    jesus H…srsly thunk “this is Alanis Morissette tweeking out

  46. vincentmain

    Redbull and a mountain of crack on the table, where is Lindsay!!!

  47. PSRBY

    Isn’t that Lenny Kravitz on the couch?

  48. Martina

    I think Lenny is too shocked to get the hell out of there IMMEDIATELY. I hope he’s okay.

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