1. Jeffrey Ross has to get his shit together

  2. JP!

    Celine: “I am Sainte Celine, and in the ‘Power of Love’ (and Jesus) I command you to walk again! You are healed!”
    Woman: ‘Guh! Bfffrrrttt! Ksshhhh!”
    Celine: “Goddamit! I told you, bring me someone knows who the hell I am! Tabernacle”

  3. The stripper of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré strikes again.

  4. fred

    “Who the fuck put this wheel chair here? Get it out of the way-I am Celine Dion, damn it.”

  5. Dana

    Boy, Celine Dion has really let herself go. And the woman behind her looks awful too.

  6. At first I was thinking it was too easy to say which one is Celine, then I looked again. Seriously which one is her.?

  7. Phoenix

    Celine is just mad because Lena Dunham’s chair ride ran long and she had to wait.

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