1. Scooter, purse, red shoelaces, he should have “castrated” tattooed on his forehead.

  2. That’ll certainly dispel the gay rumors.

  3. If he is riding a dildo I’m going to lose it.

  4. Bell Boy

    He’s swinging by Sting’s place, then to the beach.

  5. It’s “Dickless Wonder”, the Anti-Hero Man.

  6. Is he rushing to meet his date Jason Seigel?

  7. Gwyneth smiles to herself at the cafe with her friends thinking, ‘There goes my Man!’

  8. Mrs Claus

    Nope. Nothing feminine about that. Nope .Not at all.

  9. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “Ugh…That bitch made me paint this Goose white instead of dove white. $6000. Fucking Twat!!!

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