1. Tom Cruise and John Travolta both orgasmed at the sight of this. This is their ideal Christmas tree from which to hang their balls off of.

  2. alex

    Am I really that old or out of touch? Who the fuck is this?

  3. Mohawk Disco

    The Thinker Centipede

  4. I must be getting old. I just don’t understand rap music.

  5. CK

    I swear, music’s been downhill since last century.

  6. fred

    I’m guessing Justin Bieber is on the bottom with his pants around his ankles.

  7. Seen just before they mighty morphed into a singer with talent.

  8. ” If thats the way to tell if the other is free balling it, I’m not going to get in there way.

  9. Wrynoceros

    …and the closer to the top you are, the less you get shit on

  10. Vlad

    When there’s only 1 toilet available…

  11. j/k

    leather shorts

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