1. Show some restraint on this one, guys.

  2. Monsignor Nelson

    “… and after you’ve accepted the ring
    you swallow and then go like this”.

  3. Clearly this little girl got the wrong Disney chick, she obviously wanted Miley Cyrus to come.

  4. catapostrophe

    “The Sick Kids Hospital”? What are they smoking in Toronto?

    • they didn’t exactly pull out the creative powerhouse on that name, did they?

      • CK

        Someone could at least turn Hilary’s face in that pic into a logo or something to put on letterhead for the hospital.

    • JimbBB

      It’s right next to the Derek Zoolander School For Kids Who Don’t Read Good.

    • It is actually called “The Hospital For Sick Children” Local slang is Sick Kids…..

      • That’s really not any better. Are the strip clubs called “The dark seedy place where girls from broken homes with daddy issues get naked for dirty, pervy men who hate their ugly wives?”

      • It’s the most famous children’s hospital in the world you friggin assholes.

      • Umm, I am pretty sure St. Jude’s is the most famous children’s hospital in the world. Seeing as there are 35 million people in Canada and 300 million in the USA, I am sure of it.

        Next you will be saying McGill University is more famous than Harvard, right?

      • Harvard may be more well known but you can’t get into McGill like you can get into Harvard with mediocre marks because you are attractive, wealthy, a legacy, athletic or your parents decide to build a library… Harvard is a joke admissions-wise (see New Yorker )

        The Hospital for Sick Children does in fact have a better reputation than St.Jude’s or anywhere else. Perhaps you do not recognise that HSC was founde well over 100 years ago and thus the less than modern name. St.Jude on the other hand is very recent and of course refers to a member of the pedophile superstition corporation that is run from Rome…

      • My cousin went to McGill for his undergrad, then got his M.D. and Ph.D. from Harvard. He is also a professor there and also runs his own Biotech company in Boston. His sister when to McGill also for undergrad and got her M.D. and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins. They grew up in Canada for those that can’t figure that out.

        Since Harvard is so shitty and easy to get into, where did you attend university and what degrees do you have?

        Finally, the comment pertained to fame, and by virtue of being located in a country with 10 times the population of Canada, St. Jude is guaranteed to be more famous. It advertises in every state.

        So once again, the comments regarded fame and or name recognition. St. Jude is more famous and Harvard is more famous, that is it, that was the topic. Feel free to refute that if you can please.

  5. Poor kid, now she has cancer AND crabs.

  6. Later she went and visited “The Dead Guys Graveyard.”

  7. gary coleman's ghost

    Apparently, the little girl wants to grow up and marry a hockey player too.

  8. Flatliner

    Someone needs to tell Hilary to leave her bedroom face at home

  9. Is there some kind of weird celebrity fetish that drives famous people to lick sick kids during the holidays?

  10. “Is that all you got? Pathetic!” said Miley Cyrus.

  11. Miley finds their lack of tongue disturbing.

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