1. I’m liking it…

  2. Mohawk Disco

    I hate myself for saying it but I want to bang the shabang out of her.

  3. She really does Instagram well, looks fucking hot.

  4. Naked butt makes it better.

  5. She looks dirty. And I don’t mean slutty, I mean literally covered in a layer of dirt.

  6. Stacy

    Who is the lucky fucker taking this picture?

  7. Bonky

    She makes Kim Kardashian look like a bloated cow.

  8. As much as I pride myself on being as gentlemanly as possible in real life, underboob is my Kryptonite. I go full-perv in a heartbeat.

  9. me

    Bonky Kim K IZ a bloated cow! A bloated cow is less bloated than that fatso!

  10. Michael

    Now everyone likes her? I think the girl stopped with the spray tan. Now she looks too amazing. Enough to overlook her bolt-ons.

  11. Flatliner

    Ok, nice to look at but man, the stench of desperation.

  12. yumm

    first sideboobs, then underboobs, then nipples and the whole rockets .. half ass ,whole ass ..half vagina ..then whole hairy vag ,..then shaved one .. good luck sweetie

  13. From the Auschwitz Swimsuit Calender 1944.

    This shit reeks of photoshop. You dudes are easy to impress.

    • Cher X

      I KNOW! It’s completely photoshopped just look at the stomach, hips and thighs. They have all been shaved off. Can’t believe anybody would buy this for a second.

  14. Michelle

    I’m so high, I thought this was Kim Kardashian.

  15. Whatever she did to make this turnaround into such a fuckable woman, she should definitely keep doing.

  16. I think. I found my new favorite celebnobody, look out Courtney!

  17. Lilac

    this looks like a corpse

  18. anonym

    her face looks fucked up, like it was reshaped from clay

  19. Bood Dude

    Cleavage )(
    Sideage )
    Underage ~

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