1. Aya

    when you see it..

  2. Rihanna, your days as a sex symbol are numbered if dudes would rather huddle up for an old fashioned circle jerk than talk to you.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    Ahhh, what do I have to do to get some attention here?! What do I have to offer?… I know!… Anyone wants to slap me?

  4. This is a clear disregard of boating safety guidelines – I mean really, what the hell do they do if one of them falls overboard? Remember, folks – coast guard regulations state that for every 2 black people on board, you need at least one white person so that if anyone goes over the side, you have someone who can swim to jump in and rescue them.

  5. timmyfigs


  6. Looks like that ass has taken a pretty serious grinding

  7. anonymous

    When you are the only woman on a boat full of black guys and not one of them is paying attention to you– you have either lost it or on a gay cruise.

  8. Wow, 6 has faded into 4 rapidly.

  9. Dr Paul Van Nostrum

    Either she has a case of crazy b.o. or every guy on the boat is scared shitless of pissing her off.

  10. zanjoe

    Boy, there sure seem to be a lot of ‘Laker’s Games’ on/around boats/water this holiday season. Go Laker’s!

  11. Anderson Silva's Wonky Leg

    Ok… I need $5 from each of you before the Ping Pong Ball Show begins.

  12. GangBang Bahamas paradise… Soon in theaters !!!

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