1. tidbit

    Put this on my MySpace Page. I see good things for MySpace. A real success.

  2. For God’s sake…somebody unbutton his top button and QUICK! His head is going to explode!

  3. This guy is a walking Thanksgiving dinner: Onion Roll haircut, Turkey neck, and orange peel skin garnish.

  4. Disgusting human being.

  5. sprub

    Orange you glad you used Dial

  6. Pine Table fever

    This guy is a massive cunt. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

  7. Mickey

    He looks like a blow-fish.

  8. Orange Duck

    And once again, ladies &gents, here is Donald Trump demonstrating to all how one gajillion dollars can, but in this case will not, buy you a stylist (or self respect for that matter).

  9. spooky1234

    Melania must heavily sedate herself before bed each night.

  10. pipedreamer

    You’re mired!…in mediocrity.

  11. Nice chingina, old man.

  12. Yep, looks like an asshole to me

  13. bigalkie

    What a gross human being.

  14. Nando

    Well, if that’s what you’re going to do to convince the President not to raise taxes, you could at least fake a little interest.

  15. Is she missing one ankle rest?

  16. “Hey, Trump, you asshole…I know you think you’re so much better than I am, but I’ve come to realize the only advantage you have over me is that you can suck my dick, and I can’t!”

  17. He’s Lex Luthor with bad hair plugs.

  18. tlmck

    Demonstrating how he inherited all that money.

  19. cc

    He’s practically begging me to punch him.

  20. betty


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