1. Playing dress-up was never the same after meeting R. Kelly.

  2. eatme

    Bieber looks like a lesbian

  3. Mohawk Disco

    Usher needs a pitchfork and it’s the perfect parody of American Gothic.

  4. Son of Flubber

    Finally…the Little Rascals reboot! I’m in!

  5. Smapdi

    Beiber really raided his aunt’s closet for that outfit. Seriously, he should consider getting testosterone injections. I guess Usher raided an Amish clothing outlet.

  6. Wow, that’s one cute lesbian!

  7. Cory and Micheal?

  8. Cory Haim, circa Lost Boys.

    And that turned out so well.

  9. anonymous

    I’m used to seeing Miley Cyrus with so much clothing on. The token black dude on her arm is normal.

  10. Bieber embraced his inner lesbian and Usher decided to listen to Phil Robertson and go back to working in the fields pre-Civil Rights days just a singing and happy.

  11. John Bender

    Does Kris Kardashian know that you raid her wardrobe?

  12. Balls Mcgee

    Usher’s damn satisfied of that 6-inch butt plug he borrowed from Jennifer Lawrence.

  13. He looks like a matronly Santa mingling with an amish dude.

  14. JungleRed

    Fear of a black hat, indeed!

  15. Shamus

    Ellen DeGeneres looks gangster with those new tatts!

  16. Jiminy Cryptic

    Pretty sure this is what the Duck Dynasty guy was talking about.

  17. Kung Lao looks like crap. And what’s Sonya doing there?

  18. anonym

    I didn’t know Usher was a midget too.

  19. Itypethings

    I think his face finally froze like that.

  20. Andrew

    Thank you Justin Bieber, thank you for reminding me why I hate the fucking 80′s.

  21. I don’t know the Amish were cool with interracial dating.

  22. In the interests of racial equality, if I ever see these two in my neighborhood at night, I will shoot them both.

  23. I’m so getting that exact outfit for my grandmother for Xmas.
    Thanks Biebs!

  24. Why do you say I’m trying to be black?

  25. He could host Ellen, and no one would ever know.

  26. Joe Blow

    Hmmm.. the glasses of Lohan, the hair of Vanilla ice, the tats of a wannabe gangsta, the bling of MC Hammer and the outfit of Liberace.

    That is one confused young Canadian.

  27. hypo

    you said jessica rabbit was gonna be here!

  28. Nick4ca

    Usher looks like a Ventrilaquist Holding his dummy.
    It’s art immitating life immitating art, or it might just be what usually happens when the 2 are together.

  29. I just love Hillary Clinton’s new haircut.

  30. cc

    Jaysus Bieber couldn’t look more effeminate if he had pigtails.

  31. Ben Tramer

    Butch Cassidy and the Gaydance Kid.

  32. Bea Arthur lost a lot of weight before she died.

  33. Look how skinny his arms are. I know skinny girls with bigger arms.

  34. It’s getting harder and harder to tell Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber apart.

  35. Samantha

    I can’t tell which one is supposed to be Michael Jackson

  36. brian

    It\’s like he\’s trying to look like an asshole.

  37. Rianon

    I’ve said it before with Cory…but Michael Jackson is contagious…

  38. mike

    man I knew janelle monae was selling out but this is ridiculous

  39. Robb7

    Lesbians for Life Knitting Club co-hosts their holiday party with the local prayer meeting group to save money on cookies and milk.

  40. meeps!

    Samantha Ronson looks great!

  41. looks so fucking awkward

  42. “Answering the never-asked question, “What if Santa Claus was an asshole?””

  43. dick thunder brain doctor

    what’s red , white and blew usher?

  44. She’s an 80s cop. He’s a Hassidic Jew. Together they’re ‘GAY DYNAMITE’!

  45. Lil

    If you zoom in, you may or may not notice the mustache he has been trying to grow since he began the insurgency against his “maple syrup” image.

  46. D-chi

    I can’t decide if he reminds me more of Rick Astley or Robin Thicke.

  47. Did someone say, “Can I get a Witness?”

  48. The LGBT Mafia and the Amish Mafia are enlisting blacks and Canadians to fight the Republican Mafia.

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