1. Mr. Poop

    That’s what they call a nice ass across the pond?

  2. It doesn’t eve have a crack.

  3. i want to hate on this chick, I really do, but she does have a great dumper.

  4. it had to be said

    Wow. So now she’s trying to play up the ass? I see a reality show in her future. Picture a cross of Buttman #6 (Anal Anglo-Saxons) and Are You Being Served.

  5. Cock Dr

    We really don’t know who the hell that is.

  6. little turtle head


  7. Isa

    I still don’t get what’s the hype about this girl, she barely has an ass and she’s a butterface

  8. Venom

    This is the best her ass has looked in months.

  9. Little Tongue

    Does this Pippa girl even have a front side???

  10. eeo

    Thats what the Brits are going nuts over? We need a side by side of this butt and Sofia Vergaras. Now Sofias butt is awesome! Im a straight girl and when I saw those pics i said “Damn!”

    • browny

      have you seen the average Brit? Um, very average, and that’s being kind. those people are fugly so anyone remotely attractive is seen as a god(ess).

    • Blech

      Yeah, I seriously wouldn’t mind having Sofia’s ass in MY jeans. Even a smaller version of Sofia’s ass would do, or one cheek that I could just somehow mold into my ass. I wouldn’t want my ass to be the topic of anyone’s converation, I just want it to be beautiful for me. And my husband.

      That said, Pippa’s ass is melting.

  11. I still don’t understand the fascination with this girl’s butt. I mean if you lifted her shirt up a little more, I would challenge you to tell me exactly where her back stopped and her ass began.

  12. Violet

    Leggings are not pants.

  13. SlippinX12

    Hopefully that’s the line for ass

  14. cc

    Whatevs…I see better at the gym almost every day.

  15. Royalty. Even their asses are diminishing in prominence.

  16. lori

    Those leggings look like shit especially with the wide stance.

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