1. cc

    That must be quite a handjob.

  2. Channing, I learned this Lindsey Lohan. Stand still…

  3. Unless they’ve got cinder blocks tied to their ankles, this picture is a huge disappointment.

  4. Channing just saw the Japanese whaling boat approaching.

  5. Amy

    this same picture was much better with Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon.

  6. OK, now it’s your turn to go under and suck me off

  7. “Trust me Channing. You aren’t a black guy, you just act like one. Believe me, you can swim. Be one with your whiteness.”

  8. ‘…this reminds me of that time Marty and Leo, that’s Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio by the way, threw me off Marty’s yacht for a joke. Man, you should have seen their faces as they sped off towards the coast.’

  9. Yep, this seems about right for these two.

  10. Channing looks surprised because the water was only up to his hips before Jonah jumped in.

  11. “Channing! What are you doing to that dolphin’s blowhole?”

  12. “Just get under the water and go like this”

  13. “WOW, Jonah! You are REALLY a good friend!”

  14. “SAY IT, Channing! Say I’ll get another Oscar nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street and I’ll let go of your balls!”

  15. Phoenix

    “that’s not my rubber duckie.”

  16. I thought Hilary Duff was already married.

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