1. EricLr

    I’ve seen tougher *road* crews.

  2. I see pictures like this and just spend the rest of the day hating my species.

    • karlito

      yes we are truly fucked up as a species if they believe that this is what real men look like. all i see is a bunch of wankers trying to look tough but they look more like a “homie” version of West Side Story.

    • Wow, I can’t believe that you don’t recognize Chris Brown’s genius. He is a TRUE gangster– the kind that can beat up a 90 pound girl. That is what makes him so TOUGH and HARD. He’s just misunderstood in his own time. Bitch was peeping his phone!! In 50 years, people are going to be like “Wow, it is too damn bad people didn’t understand his genius.”

  3. catapostrophe

    Not just anyone can get a bunch of tattoos.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Justin Biener will be by with his box of Legos to show those fools how REAL gangsta’s role, son!

  5. Sparky

    gangsta puppets. watch out, we got some badasses over here.

  6. meeps!

    Larry, Moe and Curly…

    • Brett Ratner's sweaty ass hair

      Don’t insult real men by comparing these bozo’s to them. Hell, Cameron Diaz is more of a man then these pussies and rat put together.

  7. That T-shirt dolphin is so embarrassed it’s trying to flee the scene.

  8. Ruth

    Douche, douche, douche and the duck is coming shortly. Or not. Depends on her reflexes.

  9. Jman

    This is how they’ll come, looking like regular dickwads and then BOOM! They’ve blown up the Chateau Marmont.

  10. Jerkposter

    Fuck Breezy.

  11. The one in the middle! I’m sure he was the one, officer!

  12. Bionic_Crouton

    With Chris Brown there I am sure the meet and greet will turn into a rap and slap.

  13. your mom

    How hard can you be when your mascot is a pink dolphin. Wait… is that a euphemism for pussy? Ha! Now I get it!!

  14. Middle school dances were so awkward. Especially when they used to play K-Ci and JoJo and girls became allergic to you.

  15. Carolyn

    Those are ugly ass hats on ugly ass heads.

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    They should just call themselves The Fucktard Three.

  17. B&WMinstrel

    No more Jets. No more Sharks. And here’s the reason why.

  18. Well, so long, humanity. There’s officially no hope left for you.

  19. zomgbie

    the 2 bodyguards are needed bcause u never know when a girl will try to beat the bloody pulp out of chris brown.

  20. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Someone, please let the idiot in the middle go to the bathroom…

  21. Jackhole

    The Jonas bros are lookin pretty rough

  22. kimmykimkim

    Bahahahaha! Fuckin’ idiots.

  23. If those guys on each end look any more effeminate, Brown might beat them

  24. Senor Trout

    Just off-camera, the toughest member of the group: Kelly Osbourne’s boyfriend.

  25. I thought this was the Jonas Brothers. This must be the douchebag version of the Jonas Brothers. (“No, the Jonas Brothers are the douchebag version of the Jonas Brothers,” someone responded.)

  26. jonesy

    “Look, I love dolphins. I love touchin’ em and sqeezin’ em’ and stuff. But if a mad fuckin’ dolphin gets up on my phone, I don’t give a fuck, I’ma smack it right in the face…I’ma fuck up it’s sonar, you know what I’m saying?And I’ll be like, I love you but get your beak the fuck out my phone, dolphin. Ain’t nobody’s business.”

  27. Mark B

    We are the knights who say DOUCHE!

  28. LilDeuceDeuce

    Photoshoot for the next cover of “Douchebag Quarterly”

  29. O'chunt

    Covering some awkward erections there, I see.

  30. “You, the man on the right, step forward and say, ‘I’ma bitch-slap yo’ tits so hard, they end up on yo’ back!’”

  31. ThatGuy

    “Meet and GREET? Goddamn it, I thought you said meet and BEAT.”

  32. Beer Baron

    This is what happens when we don’t allow bullying in school. All of you Anti-Bullying jackanapes take notice. These fuckin’ nerds need to be stopped.

  33. New Age Outlaws

    First guy:tattoos, hats, skinny jeans and dolphins and were still not Gangsters

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