1. That’s “Indishbutiful Truf.”

  2. JimBB

    Memo from publicist to bookstore: “Everything in pictures, please.”

  3. CK

    No words on the cover.
    No words on the pages, either.

  4. Translator sold separately.

  5. Would have been funnier if the cover had inmate numbers at the bottom of the photo.

  6. “Thish wash me befaw Swimfast. Now I jusht have a shake at bweakfast, a shake at wunch, fowwowed by a thenthible meaw. NOw wook at me!”

  7. He can still punch your head off.

  8. “Yeth thith is the faith I copied for my tatooths, why do you ahthk?”

  9. “Have you theen thith man? He wath in my bathwoom wall mocking me thith thmorning and I’m gonna hunt him down!”

  10. “Ith thith the face of a rapith ?”

  11. Truk

    Why couldn’t that picture be on the back of a milk carton?

  12. PassingTrue

    Great! Mike Tyson trivets will look perfect on your Thanksgiving table. Now available at Target.

  13. Fromage

    No words…just pictures…and he still had a ghost writer.

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