1. “Minorities in Danger”, photo #14 of a set of 42.

  2. I wonder what Mad Mel said to get Tiger Woods all worked up like that?

  3. caley

    “I said ‘THINK’…seriously.”

  4. Why do I get the feeling Mel just said “Barack Obama doesn’t care about white people”

  5. “The brown guy obviously didn’t like it when I asked if he would mow my lawn. “

  6. He has that look like “I think it is Tiger Woods but I am not sure” and bootleg Tiger has that look like “Shit, it is Mel Gibson, I really don’t want to get photographed with him”.

  7. Deacon Jones

    …yeah…so how bout this whole Miami Dolphins thing? Little overblown if you ask me, haha, right??”


  8. Who’s embarrassed to be seen with who here?

  9. Rembrandt Flores thought balloon: “Don’t notice I’m not a white Catholic…Don’t notice I’m not a white Catholic…Don’t notice I’m not a white Catholic…Don’t notice I’m not a white Catholic…”

  10. fred

    Therapy must be working. Mel can stand next to a black, French, gay, Jewish, Mexican, Chinese guy without exploding in a fit of rage.

  11. Minky Wail

    “At least this Flip’s not a Kike.”

  12. Chaz


  13. bitchy

    Tiger Woods trying to remember if any part of him is Jewish…


  15. Vladimir

    (Oh my god! Mel Gibson is standing right next to me! Please call me Sugar tits. Please call me Sugar Tits. Please call me Sugar Tits.)

  16. “Fake smile contest starts now !”

  17. Schadenfreude

    Mel almost didn’t show up because he thought Gus was pronounced “Jews”.

  18. I think Mel just told Tiger that he can’t keep the whores.

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