1. DontNotNope

    Her tits are still alive right?

  2. BigOkie

    Always looks great!

  3. Baron Otto Van Otto


  4. So hot .. and so crazy!

  5. Support her breasts? I’M IN!

  6. LockNLoad

    She’s ridiculously hot, but a super cu-uuunt.

  7. Gary Grant

    A face a guy could jizz on.

  8. Super-fuckable but that attitude is a deal breaker.

  9. cc

    Her face reminds of a particularly miserable experience in high school. Great.

  10. Blow up doll chic.

  11. YEs

    Id love to take a dump on her chest.

  12. Bonky

    She’s got this weird hot/stupid thing going on. Probably bangs like a retarded rabbit.

  13. Why is it when hollywood chicks dress for “breast cancer awareness” events, they forget about the “cancer” part of it?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Comon, you’re better than this. A: It’s because it isn’t about the event, it’s about them. Just because cancer is involved, doesn’t lessen the extent of their narcissism.

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