1. martian leader

    quick!! to the photoshop mobile!!!

  2. “Finally! The crystal that will gain me reentry into the Fortress of Solitude!”

  3. “And this is how I got all my jobs in Hollywood”

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “I love this award so much! We’re getting married in five seconds!”

  5. Lou Braccant

    Jennifer told me I need to stroke the shaft and kiss the tip!

  6. “Oooooh invisible vagina!”

  7. “Let me show you how I used to suck my husband’s dick before we got married.”

  8. Size Matters

    Why is her award so much thicker than Jennifers?

  9. “Excuse me…Where do the batteries go in this thing?”

  10. “I see eight more husbands in my future”

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