1. I guess we can now cross off the “What would an Italian Will Ferrel look like?” question of our list.

  2. anonymous

    Jeremy Renner is working hard to get a crotch shot. But from who? The girl or the dude?

  3. Ah…the rarest of rare “Selfie with Upskirt”. Truly he is a worthy successor to the Bourne legacy.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Is this one of those vaginas I keep hearing about? I’d better document this for further study.”

  5. coljack

    Catch Jeremy Renner in…The Voyeurn Legacy

  6. coljack

    He couldn’t help it – the guy to his left started humming “Relax, don’t do it…”

  7. He’s earning the name Hawkeye.

  8. Technically you can’t take upskirts when the male models are on stage :-/

  9. “Oh hi there sir, I don’t know how my head accidentally ended up in your lap”

  10. What exactly might he be doing? I doubt he fancies a crotch photo – the angle is too bad. Is he testing the camera on legs b/c he’s shy to test it on faces?

  11. You're Fat!

    He should invest in a “shoe cam”. More practical.

    Thant reminds me. I have to return the one I ordered from Bulgaria. It looks like I’m wearing a clown shoe on my right foot.

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