1. reporter's question

    Right, Courtney…what’s it like to shop thrift stores as a multi-millionaire and possible accomplice to…uh, nevermind…umm, no pun intended!

  2. Mohawk Disco

    Are you sure it’s not Madonna?

  3. “Here you go girl…who wants a crack pipe? who’s a good girl? come get your crack pipe!”

  4. JimBB

    The Chateau Marmont, when you demand nothing less than the finest in luxury for your overdose.

  5. “Go Go Gadget Trainwreck!”

  6. Will she sign the autograph? Can she remember her name?

  7. Hey lady! You working tonight? How much?

  8. CK

    No shoes in the parking lot… how edgy!!

  9. Jem needs an intervention.

  10. Courtney would love to know where the fuck her shoes went

  11. MoreMoneyThanICanAfford

    Must be nice, that’s a $3,000+ vintage guitar she’s
    staggering around with. She’ll probably throw it at
    something, drop it, or trade it for another pipe full.
    Only at the Chateau Marmont…

  12. tlmck

    Damn, I coulda had a free guitar yesterday.

  13. Johnny Barbells

    …do you smell that?

  14. Holding one’s stash in one’s right hand is not the best idea.

  15. flaT

    Nice shoes bitch.

  16. dontkillthemessenger

    Somewhere in L.A., Nick Nolte is stumbling around naked except for his hat and shoes.

  17. “Excuse me, Courtney… do your feet smell? No? Then, it must be your c***!” THANK YOU, GOOD NIGHT!!

  18. Nice to see she’s smartened up a bit – carrying her cocaine in a guitar is a lot more discrete than her old habit of carrying it around in a giant sack with ‘COCAINE’ written on it in big block letters.

  19. She’s a crazy cunt, but there’s something incredibly endearing about her.

  20. Lived through this!

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