1. Ron and Hermione’s kid got her looks from dad.

  2. Uhmmm dude, this is not what we meant with “Pulling a Woody”…

  3. Ringmasters get all the b-list tail.

  4. The Pope

    Captain Kangaroo’s lesser-known brother: Private Wallaby.

  5. I’m guessing he roofied both of them and now is playing the waiting game.

  6. Dox

    I’ll take three people who claim to be famous, that I couldn’t recognize on my best day for a thousand , Alex.

  7. Brit

    My Sorting Mustache says I choose….
    And you!

  8. David Spade finally found some style.

  9. Well-Done, Medium and Rare

  10. malaka

    thank heaven for little girls….

  11. I’ll take Alexa and Abigail anyday anytime.

  12. “I’m playing Roman Polanski in my next movie. I’m taking them home for ‘research’.”

  13. Two girls, one moustache ride

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