1. caley

    From the upcoming Adam Sandler vehicle “My Dinner With Madison”

  2. MarketingMike

    A couple of very “manly” men…
    Next weeks episode, “Eating Sharks…”

  3. “Women are so weird, I swear. They have these fleshy bumps on their chests called breasts, or “tits”, if you prefer. They are truly disgusting…how about some head?”

  4. Little Tongue

    “I did kiss a girl, once”
    “Come on! I was like 12 years old!”
    “Heeeeewww anyhow!”

  5. “Seriously. All over my face. It was…perfect.”

  6. Aunt Cracker

    ” You can’t pass til you touch my penis.”

  7. “YOU’RE STRAIGHT????”

  8. malaka

    must be one hell of a footjob.

  9. WHAT?!? We’ve go to get to a White Castle, right away!

  10. jack

    “And then she tried to show me her vagina and I was like ew don’t come near me with that thing and I gave her a stiff arm like this”

  11. crb

    You fu**ed a pie, too? Was it for a movie?

  12. “Dude, when I had that Freddie Mercury mustache, women wouldn’t come near me. It was perfect.”

  13. “This may come as a shock to you , so brace yourself…I’m gay.”

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