1. Who knew decades of drinking, smoking and drugs would age you…

  2. contusion

    Marsha Brady is looking rough these days.

  3. Unfortunately, Roy L.’Rocky’ Dennis hasn’t been able to find a blind girlfriend as an adult.

  4. Pepper's Pot


  5. “He is Viggo!! You are like the buzzing of flies!”

  6. He was so cute once. ONCE.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    If someone actually has a revolver, for the love of GOD please use it.

  8. mike

    Say what you like, but this picture was taken while he was in the middle of autographing a tit.

  9. Dakota Fanning circa 2035…

  10. EricLR

    We are the aged gone wild!

  11. poppymoss

    We are the youth gone old!

  12. I didn’t know he was on the Goonies… HEYYYYYY YOOOUUUUU GUUUUUYYYSSSSS!!!

  13. Spongebob-style close-up of Khloe Kardashian.

  14. Ash

    I remember you Sebastian. Gold pants, Rolling Stone. Best picture ever.

  15. Queef Sister

    Thank God he put on that eyeliner or he would have looked a mess!

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I remember you. Now I need to rapidly forget you.

  17. KV

    Damn… some people don’t age well. Didn’t you used to be hot while you were young ? And the eyeliner ?? Really ??

  18. Kojak

    This is the picture of Dorian Gray 25 years later.

  19. angerinside

    We are the Youth Gone Wide!


    “I am Vigo, ruler of Carpathia, scourge of Moldavia…”

  21. Holy god, it’s reverend Kane!
    …god is in his holy temple…

  22. jonesy

    “I’ll get you my Pretty, and your little dog too!”

  23. Caroline

    Yellow rat teeth.

  24. Now ain’t he jist as purty as a shiny new cooper pinny?

  25. bbiowa

    In comparison, Kathleen Turner looks pretty damn good.

  26. cc

    That’s one of the prettiest English girls I’ve ever seen.

  27. Holy crapola, I’m so glad to be just me right now.

  28. Tinka

    That’s a dude? The small pic had me thinking it’s Kristen Alley.

  29. The name of his band is so apropos right now.

  30. 45 and life to go…

  31. The Walking Dead is back? Fuck yeah!

  32. Brooke

    I remember VH1 had a show about eighties metal musicians forming a new band (Damnocracy) and they tried so, so hard to convince Baz that the long hair thing was cool on a sixteen year old famous frontman in 1987 but was sad and pathetic 20 years later. He absolutely refused to cut it because he really really thought his hair was wild and cool.

    I hope when I am nearing fifty I won’t be clinging to my glorious early twenties. I never want to be that grandma who shops at Hot Topic.

  33. Hello, Sebastian….1989 called. It wants the look back.

  34. AnnaD.

    Lookin’ good for someone who died in 1750

  35. KtothaJ

    Alicia Silverstone sans make up.

  36. me

    I remember you…. through the sleepless coke fueled night, that neverending haze. I wanna here you say… I’ve got an 8ball for you.

  37. lohan's Flappy Meat Curtains

    Show us your tits Sab!

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