1. Derpilicious Plastic barbie?

  2. JC

    Whenever one of my British friends starts talking about how America is filled with low-class, fake, plastic Barbie girls, I show them a picture of this chick.

  3. it had to be said

    Ugh. One too many CIMs will do that to you.

  4. NG

    Warning: 5D implants may have side affects, such as face spasms and overall white trashness.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Yes… that is someone’s mother,

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Your writers today really don’t care how they look.

  7. Cum Burps: The price of fame.

  8. Cock Dr

    These things aren’t just in LA. Apparently any big westernized city has ‘em.

  9. HoboWine

    If you squint your eye just right, her tongue looks like her bottom lip! Magic!

  10. Wow, Mickey Rourke has some big gazongas!

  11. This is Courtney Stodden in 20 years when she hits 60.

  12. Adam

    She lets her boobs do the navigating.

  13. She looks like she needs a drink to get the taste of bouncer out of her mouth.

  14. You know we love you, Fish, but I gotta say you’re riding us pretty hard–Mickey Rourke’s gums, Jon Voight goobering, Layla Flaherty squatting on the sidewalk, and now Katie Price apparently about to barf … what’s next? Michael Lohan pissing on a hobo? Charlie Sheen crapping in someone’s pool?

    Actually the last one might be kind of funny, depending whose pool. Complaint withdrawn.

  15. Bigalkie

    Diagnosis: Make-up poisoning

  16. SSHGuru

    She saw herself in the mirror.

  17. You’d look like that, too, if all the botox, and silicone from facial implants, suddenly rushed to your brain.

  18. That titty isn’t going to lick itself…

  19. “I gotta drive myself home. I’m way too fucked up to walk!”

  20. I hope the photographer made enough money from this picture to make the next one, him getting puked on, worth it…

  21. g spot finder

    This morning sickness is a real bitch

  22. Nik

    Orgasm face?

  23. And she is famous …why…???

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