1. I’ve got a sudden craving for pepperoni

  2. it had to be said

    I think it’s nice that we can all see her areolas. It makes me feel happy inside.

  3. Didn’t know she had three areolas.

  4. Okay What

    Huge fucking forehead and tiny tits, some guys love that.

  5. LJ

    So is the bruise on her arm from Chris Brown? He does good work… she can still function and you barely notice the injuries.

  6. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Wearing the wifebeater after being a high profile victim of domestic abuse says, “I’m in to irony and subtly but persistently drawing attention to the plight of battered women everywhere.” Not wearing a bra with it says, “Ha, joking. I’m just trash.”

  7. Adam

    I always think she’s sexy…until I picture that forehead without any hair to cover it.

  8. She’s a class act all the way…but only because “Pole Dancing Aerobics” is actually a class at the community college.

  9. Yay, bralessness! Boo, breastlessness!

  10. “Ooh, everyone, look how edgy I am!… Hey, wake up.”

  11. She’s showing off the “Jug Life” tattoo she got across her tits.

  12. puddleduck

    100% talent, 0% class

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