1. Lord Helmet

    She knew she had to make an impression but no one expected the Queen to shoot a golf ball out of her vagina.

  2. A contestant was so bold as to practice brushing their teeth…

  3. Jenifer Lawrence's Butt Plug Collection

    Looks like the skateboard-off-the-ski-jump-over-15-buses trick didn’t work.

  4. Eejut

    Look out! It’s Matthew Broderick! And he has a car!

  5. The judges react to special guest host John Hamm.

  6. Susan Boyle topless did not go over well.

  7. malaka

    well, they couldn’t possibly all be receiving post proposal oral sex from hilary duff simultaneously. and as far as i am aware, lindsay lohan is not currently in the uk.

  8. Looks like Britain’s new talent is Kim Kardashian’s old talent.

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