1. Lord Helmet

    He makes that scary face every time his mother isn’t looking. But only then.

  2. Bubba

    This is exactly what happened to you in “I Am Sam”, Sean. Don’t make another child be taken away.

  3. “The kids in Haiti loved this. I am practically a God there.”

  4. Cock Dr

    WTF Charlize!?! WTF!? How many billions of straight men on the planet and she hooks up with Sean Penn?

  5. JungleRed

    I’m not sure what’s worse. Naming your black kid Jackson, or subjecting him to Sean Penn.

  6. Wow filling a box with propaganda. That explains it all right there.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    The store announced someone was stealing and Sean just assumed it was a black person.

  8. cmonreally

    The kid must be mesmerized, like a rabbit is when a snake looks it in the eyes before eating it.

  9. malaka

    there was a funny homeless guy years ago when i lived in the east village who used to randomly come up to me and my friends and do this. except that he would stick his lips out as far as he could and say, “MICK JAGGA!!”

  10. “Who’s fucking mommy? who’s fucking widdle mommy? That’s wight! I am!”

  11. The Pope

    “Goddammit Charlize! I just don’t see the resemblance! And I’m REALLY fuckin’ looking!”

  12. The Pope

    “Goddammit Charlize! I just don’t see the resemblance! And I’m REALLY fuckin’ looking!”

  13. coljack

    OK, I gotta show Charlize how good I am with her kid. Ohmigod, Jackson smells. He musta dropped a load in his diaper. I know – I’ll volunteer to change him. She’ll dig that. Wait, that doesn’t make me look very manly. I’ve got it – I’ll shit my pants, so he doesn’t feel weird about it. Whew, that was a close one – almost made an ass out of myself!

  14. coljack

    “You ever touch her boobs, little kid, and I kill you, you understand?”

  15. “I’m really proud of myself for not only dating a single mom, but one with a black kid too. Man, I’m a fucking great person.” — Sean Penn

  16. martian leader

    photo taken just after jackson leveled a powerful nut punch.

  17. Marty

    One’s a show-er, one’s a grower.

  18. gigi

    please move that Volvic box… that’s some good f*ing water… don’t know what that will man do

  19. Sean looks like he’s dropping a deuce.

  20. buzz

    “Guess who has two thumbs and is banging your mom !?!?”

  21. Rober Downe J

    “That’s why you never go Full Retard”. – rDj in Tropic Thunder

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